NTS Presents: Cumbiaton Total

© Moisés Anaya


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  • event type:WOMEX 23 Film Screening
  • date:27 Oct 2023
  • time:15:15 - 16:15
  • city/area:A Coruña, Galicia
  • venue:Film Room (Palexco)
  • country:Spain
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts

Directed by Moisés Anaya
Duration 5:22’ | Spanish with English subtitles

Cumbiaton Total is a headfirst dive into Mexico City's raw and unique take on the reggaeton sound, and its rising recognition. This mini film, directed by Moisés Anaya and exec produced by NTS and Rosa Pistola, explores the community spirit around the scene, and is a visual extension of the NTS compilation of the same name, compiled by Rosa Pistola.

Moises Anaya, born in Tulancingo, a small city southeast of Mexico City, has worked as a director, editor, and cinematographer for various productions of VICE Latam, NGO, Through the Eyes of Children, Save the Children, Sambhali Trust, and Dear World, among others. In 2014, he was part of the art project Labor in a Single Shot by Harun Farocki and Antje Ehmann.

Production Country, Year UK, 2022-23
Produced by NTS
Co-produced by Rosa Pistola
Producer Hugo Chávez Carvajal
Executive Producers Samuel Strang (NTS), Shannen SP, Rosa Pistola
Creative Director Chantal Adams
Director of Photography Anibal Barco
Sound Diana (Dirogui) Gutierrez
Editors Chantal Adams, Omar Serge
Distributed by NTS