Widening our ideas of global music

Luna Olavarria Gallegos
Jackson Allers by Richard John
Ciel by Keyi studios


Conference Session 7
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Chaired by Luna Olavarria Gallegos (USA), Elis;

with Jackson G Allers (USA);
Cindy Li (China/Canada), Ciel

The conference session will highlight the challenges and advantages of producing music from communities overlooked by pre-programmed industry machinery. Panelists DJ Ciel and Jackson Allers are innovative electronic artists who have both built their own community of listeners out of diasporic populations. Often overlooked by the traditional world music market are the vibrant artist communities that exist right in the major commercial centres of the world. These urban subcultures, experimenting with genre-shifting forms of music, exist precisely because of intersecting migratory histories and, as a result, may hold answers to structural questions that continue to elude the music industry.

The panelists will speak to the challenges they have faced and how they have built – when necessary – their own infrastructures in order to be heard.