offWOMEX Presentation: Meet the Aga Khan Music Awards

Presentation and conversation followed by a reception

Fairouz Nishanova by Fairouz Nishanova
Theodore Levin by Luke Fontana
Kirill Kuzmin
Logo Aga Khan Music Awards by Samir Sayegh and Karma Tohmé

Presentation and Conversation followed by a Reception
With Fairouz Nishanova (Switzerland), Theodore Levin (USA), and Kirill Kuzmin (Uzbekistan / Turkey)

The Aga Khan Music Awards, inaugurated in 2019, is a platform that supports exceptional artistic creativity, enterprise and career development for musicians, music educators and music revitalisers in societies across the world in which Muslims have a significant presence. In this session, the leadership of the Music Awards will introduce the awards, screen a short film about the inaugural awards ceremony and discuss preparations for the next awards cycle, which include recruitment of a broad field of nominators from around the world. An informal discussion and reception will follow the presentation.