offWOMEX Presentation: Music for the Planet

Creating music to raise awareness and for a positive social impact

Ricky Kej by Ricky Kej


Presented by Grammy® Winner Ricky Kej (India)

Ever since he won the Grammy Award, Ricky Kej has dedicated his life and music towards positive social impact and elevating environmental consciousness in humanity. Being a strong advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals and having performed the world-over for important causes and at prestigious venues including at the United Nations General Assembly in New York and Geneva, Ricky Kej has always used the powerful language of music to inspire audiences. Through his live concerts worldwide, Ricky aims to foster a change through music and visuals. In this session, Ricky will take listeners on his journey so far and talk about what goes into creating impactful live concerts, as well as how artists can use the art form to communicate positive messages to the wider audience.