Olga Cerpa & Mestisay


Olga Cerpa & Mestisay
Olga Cerpa & Mestisay


Olga Cerpa and Mestisay epitomise the concept of Atlantic Connections. For almost four decades they have been researching and interpreting the music and poetry of the Canary Islands and following the threads of Ibero- Latin-Lusophone-African influences which are part of the interwoven history and cultures of the Macaronesian archipelago.

The ensemble Mestisay was formed in 1978 by guitarist and composer Manuel González, initially as a Canarian folk group, with Olga Cerpa joining in 1986. Since then their journey has taken them across the US and South America, to Cuba and across the Iberian peninsula.

They have released 20 albums and collaborated with singers and groups such as Milladoiro, José Antonio Ramos, Carlos Cano, Júlio Pereira, Dacio Ferrera, Omara Portuondo, João Afonso, Los Sabandeños, Kepa Junquera, the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria.

Olga Cerpa - vocals
Hirahi Afonso - guitar, timple
Pancho Delgado - guitar
Marco Valero - bass
Joni Olivares - percussions
Mosco - saxophone
Manuel Alejandro González Ortega - artistic director