Omiri by Ana Filipa Flores
Omiri by Rita Carmo


Followers of the contemporary Portuguese folk scene will know multi-tasking, multi-instrumentalist, Vasco Ribeiro Casais from his leading role in the influential band, Dazkarieh, and his current work in the trio Seiva.
Concurrently to that, he’s developed Omiri, a stunning one-man show reinventing traditional Portuguese music as an audio-visual 21st century remix. Utilising video clips of musicians and singers filmed across Portugal by filmmaker and archivist Tiago Pereira, he edits and synchronises them into his fast-moving grooves, setting up loops and sample snatches on his arsenal of instruments including viola braguesa, Portuguese bagpipes, Portuguese bouzouki, cavaquinho and nyckelharpa, manipulating the individual elements to create dynamic dub structures housing songs saved from the memories of long-lived grandmothers to grooves distilled from the drums and rattles of a marching band, coming together in an urban village dance.

Vasco Ribeiro Casais - viola braguesa, Portuguese bagpipes, Portuguese bouzouki, cavaquinho, nyckelharpa, sampling, video
Guilherme Brak-Lamy - dancer
Maria Antunes - dancer