Post Brexit Working UK & EU For All Creative Arts Workers

Yes, we can all still work across new borders!

Smith / Patterson / Domany / Ringwood
Ian Smith by Ian Smith
Tatjana Domany
Rog Patterson
Mark Ringwood by Sam Millington

Chaired by Ian Smith (UK), ceo & founder, Frusion International; founder,, UK Europe arts work info

with Tatjana Domany (Austria), project leader, Austrian Music Export / Öst.Musikfonds;
Rog Patterson (UK), managing director, Rog Patterson Tour Management
Mark Ringwood (UK), artistic director, WemsFest

Within creative arts, a problem exists in terms of freedom of movement. There are legal issues for people working in and outside of the UK and EU after Brexit, compounded by the effects of COVID. Huge misunderstandings on work status, carnets and the effects of legislation on movement of instruments via CITES.
Potential impacts of tax policy make for a very confusing picture impacting current and future opportunities. Whatever is agreed between the UK and EU, artists and projects suffer the loss of work via uncertainty and a long lead-in time for the arts industry creating a huge effect on thousands of workers.
This session aims to give info for all and especially promoters whose booking decisions are influenced by uncertainty about costs, access to labour markets and more.

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