PR: It's Not Just for Artists

PR insights and best practices for music businesses and organisations

Edward Israel-Ayide
Emma Bartholomew
Sally J Freeman by Sue Lacey


Chaired by Emma Bartholomew (UK), Emma Bartholomew PR

with Edward Israel-Ayide (Nigeria), Carpe Diem Solutions

Often, businesses view PR as a traditional press/media liaison, but it is much more than that in reality. This panel will present an open discussion between PR experts on public relations, starting with how to accomplish effective internal communication and evolving through building sustainable, authentic relationships with relevant industry allies and contacts via transparent, consistent information. Only once these foundations are established can press outreach and, ultimately, impactful press coverage can be materialised.

This session will explore the importance of PR in its broader sense - real public relations, not just media relations and liaison - to music businesses and organisations looking to engage a global audience, both B2B and B2C, within the hybrid landscape of digital and 'real world' communications.