Promoting musical diversity through policies

Elaborating music policies and strategies using participatory methodologies

Reiko Yoshida
Andrés Cervilla by Daniel Solano
Nicholas Moyo
Melody Zambuko
Mónica Salazar


Chaired by Reiko Yoshida (Japan/France), UNESCO;

with Andrés Cervilla (Costa Rica), Pee-Pah! Fabrica de Sonido. / Araima Records;
Nick Moyo (Zimbabwe), National Arts Council of Zimbabwe;
Monica Salazar (Costa Rica), Ministry of Culture and Youth;
Melody Zambuko (Zimbabwe), Music Crossroads Zimbabwe

The music industry ecosystem is evolving fast with the digital technology. Many policy makers and industry players are having to rethink what public actions need to be taken to create enabling environments for musical diversity and industry’s sustainable and inclusive growth.
With support of the European Union and UNESCO (the UN agency for culture), Zimbabwe and Costa Rica embarked on the journey to create new public actions for the music industry. They consulted various stakeholders, identified their needs and challenges and devised a set of actions.

At this associated presentation, UNESCO brings together partners from Zimbabwe and Costa Rica to share their experiences in conducting consultations involving representatives of governments, music industry and civil society and elaborating policies in a participatory manner also through peer-to-peer learning with neighbouring countries.