Que Vola? by Oleo Films
Que Vola? © Oleo Films
Que Vola? © Oleo Films
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Directed by Vladimir Cagnolari
52 mins | France, 2018 | Spanish with English subtitles

‘¿Que vola?’, Cuban slang for ‘what’s up?’, is the namesake of a new musical collective bringing together a French jazz septet with three Cuban percussionists, marrying dizzying virtuosity with the Afro-Cuban divinities that underpin Cuban music. The musical project was initiated by French trombonist Fidel Fourneyron as he journeyed through the world of Afro-Cuban cults and ceremonies, where he got the idea to replace the sacred music with brass and to wrap rituals in the poetry of Coltrane.

Vladimir Cagnolari is a journalist and an African music and culture lover. From 2006 to 2015, he presented the radio show L’Afrique enchante ‘e on French public radio France Inter. He is also a documentary director, author of musical plays and collaborates with No Format on a series of web short films.

Louise Fayollet of Oleo Films will be present at WOMEX 19.

Produced by: Oleo Films, No Format
Director of Photography: Julien Borel
Sound: Pierre Favrez
Edited by: No Format
Music by: Fidel Fourneyron, Thibaud Soulas, Adonis Panter Calderon, Barbaro Crespo Richard, Ramon Tamayo Martinez :
Contact: Oleo Films