Rapsodia Negra

© Najle Silva
Lucas Silva


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Directed by Lucas Silva
Duration 83’ | Spanish with English subtitles

Rapsodia Negra is a journey into the secrets of Colombia’s Pacific coast. Alfonso Córdoba is one of the last Afro-Colombian griots of the 20th century. We see through the eyes of this great musical master, who has spent his life travelling through the villages of his region, collecting kileles, bogas and alabaos. These are forgotten songs that have been transmitted orally over five hundred years of solitude, in a culture that has been abandoned by the mainstream.

Lucas Silva is a filmmaker and screenwriter. He has created documentaries on black African culture in his native Colombia for the past 15 years. A major part of his work is devoted to African heritage and its presence in America.

Production Country and Year Colombia, 2021
Produced by Hollywoodoo Films
Producers Maria Neyla Santamaria, Najle Silva
Director of Photography Richard Decaillet
Sound Richard Cordoba
Editor Lucas Silva