Portugal & Spain


Retimbrar is a musical collective from Porto exploring deep Portuguese rhythms, songs and instruments, resulting in a characterful repertoire of originals and reinterpretations. The group was founded in 2008 by Andres ‘Pancho' Tarabbia, a Uruguayan percussionist based in Portugal, and has grown into a ten-piece orchestra utilising multiple drums, percussion instruments and voices, cavaquinho, Portuguese guitar, electric guitars and bass, to ignite celebratory interactive performances. For their special WOMEX Opening performance, they have invited the grande dame of Galician-Portuguese music and poetry, Uxía, to join them on-stage. In her thirty-year career Uxía has been at the forefront of the Galician traditional music revival, at the same time exploring the Atlantic connections, blending Galician alalas with morna, fado, and Brazilian rhythms.