Rhythms of Lost Time

© Alexey Venzos


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Original title: Аз «Алла» то «Вобалам»
Directed by Anisa Sabiri
Duration 45’ | Tajik with English subtitles

Tajikistan is home to a rich and complex culture. Traditional practices dating back to Zoroastrian times have been kept alive, evolving sometimes naturally and sometimes in response to the changing demands of Soviet, Islamic and capitalist influence. With an emphasis on musical traditions, we meet experts and local people in remote areas who explain and demonstrate their traditions, and witness funerals, fire ceremonies and weddings.

Anisa Sabiri worked as a tour guide in the Pamir mountains while building a profile as an award-winning author, PEN congress speaker, cultural activist and photographer. Her short film The Crying of Tanbur, focusing on the aftermath of the Tajik Civil War, was featured in a number of international festivals where it won several awards.

Director Anisa Sabiri will be attending WOMEX in person

Production Country, Year Tajikistan, 2021
Produced by Anisa Abidova LTE
Co-produced by Bactria Cultural Centre
Producers Ismail Zibai, Joseph Proto, Smita Proto
Executive Producer Ismail Zibai
Director of Photography Alexey Venzos
Sound Shahriniso Yakovleva
Editor Razvan Barseti