Roadmapping the Future of Online Radio for Global Music

How many online radios can we fit on the internet?

Gaurav Narula
Carlos Borges Ferreira
DJ Zanj Rracc by Isabel Dennis
Kutay Derin Kugay

Chaired by Gaurav Narula (India/Germany), Press & Communications Officer, WOMEX
with Carlos Borges Ferreira (Portugal), director, CBFwebRADIO;
DJ Zanj Rracc (Jamaica), station manager & dj, ZANJ RADIO;
Kutay Derin Kugay (Turkey), radio programmer, host, Acik Radyo

Welcome to the new reality of online radio, where streaming on-demand is popularly rising, and linear programs and charts are becoming less relevant. In this session, we will tackle the present and the future challenges of online radio that host music from around the world, i.e., what sort an online radio scene we want to see emerging in the years ahead for the global music scene? This session will be an interactive panel with an active discussion connecting radio veterans, presenters, and an online radio owner, with audience Q&A and break out rooms.

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