Roosevelt Collier


Roosevelt Collier by Topo Maseda
Roosevelt Collier Live


‘Sacred Steel’ master, Roosevelt Collier started out playing in the House of God Church in Perrine, Florida, alongside his uncles and cousins in The Lee Boys, learning how to play with the spirit from an early age.
The Lee Boys became one of most influential Sacred Steel bands, touring with major artists and becoming festival favourites in the USA. In 2017, Snarky Puppy’s Michael League invited Roosevelt to participate in his international project, Bokanté, and the following year he released his first album as a bandleader, Exit 16, with League producing. In it, he encapsulates all his experiences and influences, turning in a potent mix of blues, gospel, rock and, in Roosevelt’s words, “dirty funk, swampy grime”.
With his super-tight touring band, he’s been getting audiences to get down all over the USA and Europe.

Emanual Roosevelt Collier - band leader, pedal steel guitar
Harry Thomas Ong - bass
Aaron Keith Buckingham - drums
Thomas Yale Shugart - keys