Rumba Rules, Nouvelles Généalogies

© Sammy Baloji & David N. Bernatchez
David Nadeau-Bernatchez
Sammy Baloji
© Sammy Baloji & David N. Bernatchez


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Directed by David Nadeau-Bernatchez & Sammy Baloji
Duration 107’ | Lingala and French with English subtitles

Rumba Rules is an essay on the meaning of self and rootedness. By entering the creative life of the Brigade Sarbati Orchestra and the city of Kinshasa, the film finds the roots of the rumba. Through studio work, rehearsals and concerts, different portraits offer a foray into the dynamics and stories of this highly-acclaimed Congolese music. From the local to the diaspora, the voices of Rumba Rules are both past and present.

David Nadeau-Bernatchez is a Quebecois filmmaker, producer and anthropologist focusing on the Congolese music scene. David’s films constantly question social and narrative structures. Sammy Baloji is a visual artist and photographer. His work juxtaposes photographic realities, combining past and present, the real and the ideal, to illicit glaring cultural and historical tensions.

David Nadeau-Bernatchez will be present at WOMEX 21 and there will be a Q&A after the screening.

Production Country and Year Canada, Belgium, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2020
Produced by Twenty Nine Studio & Production
Producers David N. Bernatchez and Rosa Spaliviero
Director of Photography Kiripi Katembo Siku, Sammy Baloji, David N. Bernatchez, Nelson Makengo
Sound Huitième Merveille, Dolet Malalu
Editors David N. Bernatchez