Saturday 24 October Showcase Session 21:00

Second Screening

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Saturday 24 October, WOMEX 20 Digital Edition Showcase Session!

Stage Left:
Transcontinental masterful musical storytelling, trance-inducing celebration and raw and stripped back sound awaits you in this Showcase session. With elements taken from all over the world, dive deep into contemporary jazz, middle Eastern and west African folk, poly-rhythmic grooves, Afro-Cuban and European chamber music with the Golnar & Mahan Trio; honour the musical cultures of the African diaspora and southern Europe's ancient links to the Middle East, the Maghreb and the Americas; discover the trance rhythms of Taranta; and put your hot shoes on for the finale with Moto Kiatu.

21:00 CEST Golnar & Mahan Trio (Iran/Canada/Austria)
21:28 CEST Fanfara Station (Tunisia /USA/Italy)
22:00 CEST Justin Adams & Mauro Durante (UK/Italy)
22:26 CEST Moto Kiatu (Spain)

Stage Right:
Ever heard of an Eco-Friendly-Afro-Futuristic-Punk-Ensemble? Or seen a performance of the Scottish smallpipes? Have you ever wanted to relive the golden era of Arab cinema? Or get to know Colombian Caribbean culture? Then tune in to this Showcase session!

21:15 CEST Fulu Miziki (DR Congo/Uganda)
21:43 CEST Brìghde Chaimbeul (UK)
22:10 CEST Love & Revenge (Lebanon/France)
22:33 CEST La Perla (Colombia)

Budapest Ritmo:
Hear the almost-forgotten traditional music of South Slavic minorities and an a cappella vocal ensemble performing with a playfully inventive
approach to harmony, shining a new light on Hungary's venerable singing traditions.

21:00 CEST Babra (Hungary)
21:30 CEST Dalinda (Hungary)

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