Scúru Fitchádu

Cabo Verde/Portugal


Scúru Fitchádu's explosive high-speed multiple collision of afro-punk-metal-dub-funaná is the hyperactive brainchild of Lisbon-based singer/producer Marcos Veiga aka Sette Sujidade, embodying a post-genre aesthetic grounded in growing up listening to hip-hop, punk, heavy metal and dance music simultaneously, filtered through the Lusophonic DNA of his Angolan/Cabo Verdean heritage. He sings, shouts, growls and screams in Creole, throwing funaná style concertina and ferrinho – an iron bar scraped by another metal object, in this case a knife – against pounding 300bpm electro-grooves. It's a furiously passionate sound and the vibrations have been spreading across borders since the project's inception in 2016. Sette Sujidade doesn't claim to want to make people feel good. He's making music of emotions and combat, fighting against racism, inequality and the expanding tide of fascism by whatever name.