Seven Symphonies of Zagros

© Shahin Abbasi


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Original title: حەوت سێمفۆنی زاگرۆس
Directed by Perwîz Rostemî
Duration 23’ | Kurdish with English subtitles

Seven Zagros Symphonies narrates the philosophy of seven musical maqams of the oldest wind instrument (shamshal) in the life of the people of Zagros. The documentary is narrated using the monologue of an old man who spent 65 years of his life playing the shamshal (a Kurdish wind instrument). The story of the film is character-oriented and the philosophy of the seven maqams in his life is implied.

Parviz Rostami, born in 1977 in Oraman Takht, was very interested in painting since his childhood. During the Iran-Iraq war, he had to migrate from Oraman to Sarvabad town and continue his education there. He entered the field of filmmaking in 2001 by making his first film called My Shoes.

Production Country, Year Kurdistan/Iran 2021
Producer Perwîz Rostemî
Director of Photography Perwîz Rostemî
Sound Mesab ‘Ebbasî, Aresh Ghasemi
Editor Tofîq Emanî
Distributed by Rêtaw Film Distributor