Shella Record: A Reggae Mystery

Shella Record – A Reggae Mystery by Shella Productions Inc.
Shella Record – A Reggae Mystery © Shella Productions Inc.
Shella Record – A Reggae Mystery © Shella Productions Inc.
Shella Record– A Reggae Mystery Poster


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Directed by Chris Flanagan
87 mins | Canada, 2019 | English, Jamaican Patois with English subtitles

“Jamaican fruit of African roots…” is the lost vocal cut to one of King Tubby’s most dramatic dubs from the 1970s.
For 10 years, artist and vinyl fanatic Chris Flanagan has been haunted by the singer’s voice after discovering it on 10-cent record. He embarks on a quest to find the elusive singer, known as ‘Shella Record’, enlisting the help of psychics, private investigators and a ghost hunter on a surreal adventure, meditating on the power of music and obsession, blurring fact and fiction.

Chris Flanagan is an installation artist and documentary filmmaker. His short 'Ruff and Tuff – Stranger Cole’s Toronto Roots' premiered at Hot Docs in 2018. Chris is also a DJ, record collector and runs Shella Records, a label dedicated to reissuing lost Canadian Reggae music in partnership with the original artists.

Producer: Chris Flanagan
Director of Photography: Graeme Mathieson
Sound: Lucas Prokaziuk
Edited by: Sonia Godding Togobo
Music by: Chris Flanagan, Horace Andy, King Tubby, Prince Far-I, Cornell Campbell, Roots Radics and more.
Contact: Shella Productions Inc