Shifting Sands: Arts Presenting & The New Arts Entrepreneur

Creativity, Flexibility & Wearing Many Hats in the Cultural Arts Business

Tom Frouge
Jody Ackland
Flavio de Abreu
  • event type:WOMEX 15 Conference
  • date:23 Oct 2015
  • time:12:15 - 13:00
  • city/area:Budapest
  • venue:Conference Room 2, Bálna
  • country:Hungary
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts

Chaired by:

Tom Frouge (USA)
Executive director/founder, Avokado Artists /¡Globalquerque!


Jody Ackland (Ireland/France)
Music & arts programmer for festivals & events | project manager | consultant | booker

Flavio de Abreu (Brazil)
Founding partner, Scubidu Music

In the past few years there’s been a steady shift in the nature of presenting & the business of Cultural Arts. Less government support, institutional budget cuts, higher travel costs, currency value fluctuation and loss of booking agents have changed the way the industry is developing. There has risen a new kind of Arts Presenter; independent of organizations, institutions, PACs, governments - and the security that comes with a steady paycheck. Creative, flexible, multi-hat wearers are becoming the business model for those who want to stay active in this world. Evolving models include: “outside consulting artistic director”; “independent strategic partner”; and “juggler” who is presenter, manager, agent, publicist. How do these redefined roles affect the business? How does it alter existing structure & the traditional Performing Arts world? What are the benefits & drawbacks?