Vozes de Lisboa

© Gábor Halász
Céline Coste Carlisle (left), Judit Kalmár (right)


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Directed by Judit Kalmár & Céline Coste Carlisle
Duration 87’ | Portuguese, English with English subtitles

Silêncio – Vozes de Lisboa is a documentary set among the backdrop of a gentrified Lisbon. We follow Ivone Dias and Marta Miranda, two female artists from different generations who fight for the survival of their art and their community. Their common language is fado, a traditional style of music that talks about the daily struggle of living. With its story weaved with lyrics, the film explores the relationship between fado singers and the ever-changing world around them.

Judit Kalmár and Céline Coste Carlisle are two European filmmakers who come from different fields: Céline is a Swiss-Portuguese visual artist with a background in music, and Judit is a Hungarian journalist with years of media experience behind her. Lisbon, where Céline settled in 1999, was the connection between them.

Judit Kalmár and Céline Coste will be present at WOMEX 21 and there will be a Q&A after the screening.

Production Country and Year Portugal, Hungary 2020
Producers Céline Coste Carlisle, Judit Kalmár
Executive Producer Tamara González
Director of Photography Gábor Halász
Sound Frigyes Wahl
Editors Paula Miranda, Mari Miklós and Györgyi Rétfalvi