Small Island Big Song

Small Island Big Song
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Directed by Tim Cole
75 mins | Australia/Taiwan, 2019 | Various indigenous languages with English subtitles

5,000 years ago, people of the Pacific set off from a beach in Taiwan, voyaging the expanse of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. The filmmakers spent three years meeting the descendants of these seafarers, on their homelands. Over 100 first nation artists from 16 island nations contributed to this oceanic songline, reuniting their shared ancestry. Creating an indigenous grassroots story free of Western narratives, a lineage into a time and knowing before the borders were drawn.

Tim Cole, an Australian filmmaker and music producer, has been specialising in cross-cultural projects since producing Not Drowning Waving’s landmark album in Papua New Guinea. He made his directorial debut in 2014 with the film 'Vanuatu Women’s Water Music'. Tim has been invited to represent the ideas expressed in 'Small Island Big Song' at the United Nations, SXSW and Peace Boat.

Tim Cole and BaoBao Chen will be present at WOMEX 19.

Producer: BaoBao Chen
Director of Photography: Tim Cole, BaoBao Chen
Sound: Tim Cole
Edited by: Tim Cole
Music by: Ado Kaliting Pacidal, Alena Murang, Airileke, Arthur Borman, Ben Hakalitz, Charles, Maimarosia, Clara Andrianaivo, Djanav Zengror, Gus Teja, Horomona Horo, Jerome Kavanagh, Kekuhi Kealiikanakaoleohaililan, Kowoya, Kompung Hut, Kuana Torres Kahele ,The Leweton Cultural Experience, Markham Galut , Mau Power, O Tahiti E, Piteyo Ukah, Rajery, Richard Mogu, Sammy Samoela, Sandro, Saroba, Siao-Chun Tai, Tarika Sammy, The Ankievo Village Band, Waimihi Hotere, Will Kepa, Yoyo Tuki
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