Sonica Sequence

Sonica Sequence, Foto by Sebastian Peña
Sonica Sequence, Foto by Sebastian Peña
Sonica Sequence, Foto by Sebastian Peña


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Directed by Lisa Nordström & Pether Lindgren
Duration 55' - Various with English Subtitles

Production Country and Year Sweden, 2017 - Produced by Lisa Nordström, Pether Lindgren - Director of Photography Sebastian Pena - Sound Manne Kjellander, Ake Linton - Editor Kristoffer Elfström - World Sales Monoduo Films

Sonica Sequence is a unique audio-visual film experience about connecting through the universal language of music, rather than speech. Lisa Nordström set up unrehearsed improvisational meetings with local musicians in public spaces in Cuba, Indonesia, Japan and Cyprus, to create open musical situations in which to interact with the particular location and audience. A cinematic homage to people and places, and to the sounds we may create together.

Lisa Nordström is an acclaimed musician in electronic and contemporary music. She likes to improvise layered and intricate soundscapes by exploring how to interact with the audience in contextual and site specific ways. Pether Lindgren is a curator, producer and film director, with a special interest in boundary spanning global collaboration and creation. He also operates the organization and record label ajabu!

Lisa Nordström & Pether Lindgren will be present for a Q&A session after the screening.