‘Speak My Sister’ Project Launch

Conversation about decolonising music research and audiovisual production

Karen Boswall
Lenna Bahule by Jose de Holanda
Sidónio Givandás

Chaired by Karen Boswall (UK), Speak My Sister

with Lenna Bahule (Mozambique), Speak My Sister;
Sidónio Givandás (Mozambique/UK), Speak My Sister

Who is telling whose stories to whom? How can the embodied knowledge held in the songs and dances of the men and women of the world be studied, recorded, filmed and shared by (and for) those for whom it matters most?

Since 2018, the members of this panel have been looking for sustainable ways to answer these questions through developing inclusive, intersectional decolonial approaches to musical research and production. In this conference session and launch of the Speak My Sister research project, Mozambican performer and researcher Lenna Bahule, Mozambican music promoter Sidónio Givandas and Anglo-Mozambican filmmaker and researcher Karen Boswall will share their experiences of collaboratively researching women’s song and dance in Mozambique and translating this research into a multimedia performance, web documentary and film trilogy designed for both local and global audiences.