Supporting the Growth of Venues of the Arab World

Broadening opportunities for local and international artists

Basem Abuarab
May Mostafa
Bakhta Ben Tara by: Mohamed Ayed

Chaired by May Mostafa (Egypt), El Genaina for Arts and Culture
With Bakhta Ben Tara (Tunisia), Chantier Libre;
Basem Abuarab (Egypt), Almoharek

The discussion aims at citing examples of noncommercial venues and independent promoters working in the Arab region with specific focus on those in Arab Spring countries. We review how the rising potential has been curbed down by multiple factors, particularly the economy, laws and regulations.

The aim of most venues at this point in time is to create and apply an entrepreneurship model in arts management and find alternative sources to conventional funding to ensure sustainability. This puts survival on the top of the agenda when growth and expansion should be the priorities. We look at how supporting those venues gives rise to the art scene and creates opportunities for artists to tour, perform, meet up and evolve.