Sync Your Sound

Meet the supervisors

Christin Kunick by Florian Reischauer
Pia Hoffmann
Markus Linde


Chaired by Christin Kunick (Germany), Piranha Arts AG
with Pia Hoffmann (Germany),;
Markus Linde (Germany), thag’s agent

Global revenue of sync licenses in movies, games and tv has increased by 10% in the last year – and the prospects are continuously rising. But the collaboration between musicians, copyright owners and supervisors is rather an exception than the rule. Therefore we are inviting supervisors from two different fields – films and ads. This will be the playground where you can – meet, greet and network with two global players of sync – Pia Hoffmann (movies) and Markus Linde (ads).

What are the differences? Where is the intersection? Where can you meet supervisors and how can you approach them? How can synch agents support you? Which online tools do they all prefer? Ask your questions and get feedback.