Resistenza sonora Salentina

© Kasia Kurdziel
© Kasia Kurdziel


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Directed by Claudio "Cavallo" Giagnotti
Duration 51’ | Italian with English subtitles

Overlooking the Mediterranean, in the region of Salento, is born the pizzica pizzica, a traditional dance and song led by the drum, lu tamburreddhu. Tamburreddhu - Resistenza sonora Salentina depicts the fight to keep the Salento tamburreddhu alive, and to make clear its difference from the tamburello, a fake tourist object without history. The film features many of the most important Salentino musicians, playing in the traditional ‘uce e tamburreddhu’ (voice and drum) style, harking back to the melodies of the 1950s.

Claudio ‘Cavallo’ Giagnotti is a musician, producer and artistic director. He has produced music for Italian cinema and is the leader and founder of the group Mascarimiri. Pierluigi De Donno is an author, director, producer and founder of Black Sheep.

Claudio "Cavallo" Giagnotti will be present at WOMEX 21.

Production Country and Year Italy, 2020
Produced by ARRA Produzioni Mediterranee
Co-produced by Black Sheep
Producers Claudio "Cavallo" Giagnotti, Francesco Mancini, Pierluigi De Donno
Director of Photography Pierluigi De Donno
Sound Alessandro Rizzello
Editor Davide Micocci