The Desert Rocker

© Sara Nacer


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Original title: La Rockeuse du Désert
Directed by Sara Nacer
Duration 75’ | French and Algerian Arabic with English subtitles

The Desert Rocker is an intimate, spiritual and profound portrait of the extraordinary Hasna El Becharia, pioneer Gnawa artist. The first female musician to break through the social barriers of this culture, she empowers and inspires women of all ages by reclaiming a musical tradition reserved for men for centuries. A singularly talented artist, she leads women to redefine their roles and challenge cultural norms, one musical performance at a time.

Sara Nacer is a Canadian Algerian emerging filmmaker based in Montreal. Recognised in Montreal for her contribution to the promotion of cultural diversity, she has produced several major events and projects. She has also produced several sold-out concerts at La Place Des Arts in Montreal.

Production Country, Year Canada, 2022
Producers Sara Nacer, Julie Lapointe
Director of Photography Laura Bustillos Jàques
Sound Sara Nacer, Laura Bustillos Jàques
Editor Sara Nacer