The Electronic Music Scenes in South America and Africa

Cicilia Gebhard, by Mica Torres
David Tinning, by Woloban
Benjamin Lebrave
Guy Morley, by Ashley Bird
Matt Medved, by Jenny Regan

Chaired by Guy Morley (UK), No Nation; with Benjamin Lebrave (France/Ghana), Akwaaba Music; Cecilia Gebhard (Argentina), DJ Barda; David Tinning (UK/Germany), Santuri Safari/Native Instruments; Matt Medved (USA), Billboard Dance

With globalisation and the growth of music production and software companies, technology is becoming more and more accessible across the globe. Artists from all corners of the earth are collaborating, mixing genres and fusing various influential sounds. Added to this, artists are increasingly celebrating their own unique heritage rather than a pastiche of current western trends.

In this conference session, we will point the spotlight on Latin America and Africa. Digging deeper into the musical influences and where they are heading, their spread over the years to international audiences and festivals, what has the reaction been and what the industry is doing to encourage this growth and evolve with the scene.