The Future of the Music Industry Is FAIR

How tech and legal innovation is reshaping the music business industry

Manojna Yeluri
Keith Nurse
Christine Merkel
Andrew Dubber

Chaired by Manojna Yeluri (India), Artistik License

with Andrew Dubber (New Zealand/Sweden), Bandcamp & MTF Labs AB;
Christine Merkel (Germany), UNESCO-EU expert facility cultural economy and governance;
Keith Nurse (UK/Saint Lucia), expert in creative economy and trade policy

Over the past year, COVID-19, volatile political and socio-economic conditions have forced us to re-examine the music business. We witnessed a surge in innovations, yet despite them, the music community struggles to adapt to the 'new normal'. As a result, many find themselves accepting exploitative terms and opportunities or risk feeling redundant.
Apps like the Record Deal Simulator from CreateSafe provide artists with tools to demystify revenues due to them. Music industry vanguards, Bandcamp offer Bandcamp Fridays and other alternatives to the preferential and low-payouts from streaming giants. There is a move to redefine contracts with decolonized language and clauses ensuring more autonomy and sustainability to artists. This session seeks to spark dialogue on how we must focus on creating a better and resilient version of the industry, not merely a more efficient one.