The Global Sound of Indigenous Resistance and Resurgence

Songs of celebration, ceremony and survival

ShoShona Kish by Skye Polson
Sara Ajnnak by Carl-Johan Utsi
Māmā Mihirangi by Jason Rosewarne Photography


Session 4

Chaired by ShoShona Kish (Canada), Digging Roots

with Sara Ajnnak (Sweden), Self employed/Independent;
Māmā Mihirangi (New Zealand), Māmā Mihirangi & the Māreikura

Music has always been an integral part of Indigenous societies. It carries the teachings and stories of who we are, who we have been and who we may become. It is ceremony, celebration and survival.

Despite centuries of cultural genocide and colonial efforts to suppress and silence Indigenous voices, they are stronger than ever. Around the world new generations of Indigenous artists are singing the stories of the land and the people, inspiring grassroots action and global movements.

This discussion will explore Indigenous music as a powerful instrument of cultural resurgence and resistance, both carrying forward tradition and innovating new sound. Indigenous artists continue to reclaim and re-imagine their own narratives; creating, articulating and asserting their identity and sovereignty through song.