The Italian World Music Market

Infos and access details about Italian world music festivals and venues

Davide Mastropaolo by Maria Pia Ruggiero
Irene Romagnoli


Session 20

Chaired by Davide Mastropaolo (Italy), Italian World Beat

with Irene Romagnoli (Italy), Linecheck

This session aims to help worldwide professionals understand how to propose their artists to Italian agencies and festivals, how to develop their music and how to promote it in the best way. We will cover the following topics:

- how the Italian world music scene works: origins, development and the most relevant current events.

- Italian world music market analysis: audience, media coverage, festival seasons, venues, fees, events planning, etc.

- how to approach Italian agencies: what they look for from an international artist.

- how to submit proposals to festivals: content and ways to approach Italian festival directors.