The Little Princes of Rajasthan

The Little Princes, Foto by Aurélie Chauleur
The Little Princes, Foto by Aurélie Chauleur


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Directed by Aurelie Chauleur
Duration 40' - Marwari with English subtitles

Production Country and Year India/France,2016 - Producers Aurelie Chauleur, Chirag Jain - Executive Producer Sawai Khan - Directors of Photography Milann John, Nikita Rudrappa - Sound Gautam Nair, Philippe Henry - Editors Milann John, Christine Bonnet.

Director Aurelie Chauleur outspokenly aims to connect three boys Hamid, Anwar and Swaroop from Barnawa, Rajasthan, and their band Chota Divana to a new international audience. The eponymous singers are the promising representatives of the youngest generation of the Langha, a Muslim community devoted to serving their patrons with their very unique performing tradition. Hundreds of families live by and for the music, teaching the new generation their ancestral way of singing. Chauleur's gentle documentary makes us such close company of Hamid's, Anwar's and Swaroop's, we're almost-perusing their dream with them.

Aurelie Chauleur worked for various music festivals handling artistic direction and production a.o. for the World Sacred Music Festival of Fes in Morocco and now launching a three week travelling music festival in Palestine. In the last five years, she has been directing films about traditional music and started a series of poetic documentaries with children.