The Traditional Music of the North Caucasus

A new underground

Natasha Padabed by Masha Kunina
Bulat Khalilov by Maxim Tarasov
Timur Kodzoko by Maxim Tarasov


Chaired by Natasha Padabed (Belarus/Germany), More Zvukov Agency;
with Bulat Khalilov (Georgia), Ored Recordings; Timur Kodzoko (Georgia), Ored Recordings

The session will explore how traditional music from various people in the North Caucasus has become one of the most innovative and relevant genres for both personal expression and connecting with external audiences.

Musicians from Circassian, Karachai, Ossetian, Chechen and other backgrounds who grew up listening to hip-hop, black metal and pop music are rediscovering and reimagining their native traditional music for themselves and others. This new wave of traditional North Caucasian musicians is not seeking to integrate into the niche of state folklore festivals or the world music scene; instead, they position their music as a part of contemporary art. Using local creative associations and performances at European festivals as examples, Ored Recordings will demonstrate how we establish and explore our subjectivity through music.