The Up and Rising Balkan Festival Landscape

World Music in the Balkans by MOST

Bojan Djordjevic
Login Kociski
Ivan Petrovic
Mila Georgieva

Chaired by Bojan Djordjevic (Serbia), Todo Mundo world music festival

with Mila Georgieva (Bulgaria), Bulgarian Music Association / A to Z Foundation;
Login Kociski (North Macedonia), Password Production;
Ivan Petrovic (Serbia), EXIT Foundation

The Balkan Festival panorama is vibrant and looks exotic from the rest of the world. So what is it that makes these festivals so lively and attractive to festival-goers? And what happened during the pandemic? In this panel hosted by MOST Music, festival directors Ivan Petrovic of Exit Festival, Login Kociski representing D Festival and Mila Georgieva of A to JazZ Festival will discuss the recent ups and downs of the festival panorama with journalist and promoter Bojan Djordjevic and Balázs Weyer, head of music for MOST - the Bridge for Balkan Music.