This Life and the Other

© Luis Rojas


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Original title: Esta vida y la otra
Directed by Luis Rojas
Duration 9:11’ | Spanish with English and Portuguese subtitles

Esta vida y la otra honours the siblinghood of Natalia and Sergio Castrillón, two musicians born in Colombia and based in Helsinki, Finland. Three acts in this short film describe through poetry and music the meaning of their strong bond that comes from sharing the same mother's womb and making music together with harp and cello. The 16mm camera used for this film recreates the childhood memories linked to their story and the memories of the landscapes from their hometown Manizales.

Luis Rojas is co-founder of CRACK, director and motion graphics artist with more than ten years of experience in the film industry, where he has developed talent in cities such as Buenos Aires, London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Zurich and Bogotá.

Director Luis Rojas and protagonist Natalia Castrillón will attend the screening and the Q&A.

Production Country, Year Colombia, 2021
Producer Arturo Roa
Produced by Luis Rojas
Co-produced by Arturo Roa, Sergio Castrillón, Natalia Castrillón, Crack Company
Director of Photography Luis Rojas
Sound Sergio Castrillón, Natalia Castrillón
Editors Luis Rojas, Arturo Roa