Toko Telo


Toko Telo by Bir Image
Toko Telo by Bir Image


Malagasy power trio Toko Telo combine dazzling musicianship with sparkling compositions inspired by their shared southern Madagascar roots, featuring the soulful voice of Monika Njava and dexterously interweaving guitar wizardry from D’Gary and Joël Rabesolo.
Celebrated national diva Monika Njava began her international career in the 90s with the band Njava. She currently also performs with virtuoso bassist Linley Marthe in their Island Jazz project.
D’Gary is Madagascar’s most well-known guitarist with many solo albums and international collaborations to his name, while Joel Rabesolo represents a new generation of Malagasy musicians. An alumni of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and also a member of Island Jazz, he stepped up to Toko Telo after the tragic death of founder member, the legendary accordionist Regis Gizavo, in 2017. The irrepressible spirit of tsapiky, jihe and beko lives on.

D’Gary - guitar, vocals
Monika Njava - vocals, percussion
Joël Rabesolo - guitar, vocals