Touring Strategies for Artists from the Global South

Matthew Covey by Dan Efram
Khadija El Bennaoui by Halaqat
Brad Holmes by Bridget Hilton Barber
Stefanie Schumann by Nelly Küfner


Conference Session 8
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Chaired by Matthew Covey (USA), Tamizdat;

with Khadija El Bennaoui (United Arab Emirates), Art Moves Africa;
Brad Holmes (South Africa), Bassline Jazz Club;
Stefanie Schumann (Germany), Delicious Tunes

International touring for artists from the Global South has never been easy, but they face even greater barriers as international touring reopens. A backlog of rescheduled dates allows little availability, inflation and lack of government support constrict budget options, and residual travel restrictions are conspiring to create a context in which the diversity of the world’s stages is at risk. This panel will explore local, regional and international strategies and solutions that are emerging, with a focus on the future of touring for African artists.

Stefanie Schumann will talk about touring artist strategies, Brad Homes will talk about their local and regional efforts to leverage digital mobility and Khadijah El Bennaoui will talk about alternative funding possibilities.
The panel will be moderated by Matthew Covey.