UK Global Underground

The view from key players in the scene

Emily Dust by Freethought
Kaptin Barrett
Inie Banigo by Karen Cazabon
Gloria Adereti by Leanne George


Chaired by Emily Dust (UK), Emily Dust;
with Kaptin Barrett (UK), Boomtown Festival UK Ltd;
Gloria Adereti (UK), Boiler Room;
Inie Banigo (UK), Hipsters Dont Dance

From the British-born Afro stars like Not3s, Kojo Funds and Yxng Bane racking up millions of streams to the rattling sounds of gqom, dancehall and baile funk running the clubs, there’s never been a more exciting time for global music in the UK than now.

With young, diverse perspectives beyond world music, this session will go on a journey through the underground, from afrobeats to hard drum to funky – all of which have roots in music from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The audience will gain insight into club sounds that, although clearly influenced by international music, don’t see themselves as world music.

This session is supported by British Underground.