Voices Unveiled: Female Singers in Post-Revolutionary Iran

Navigating censorship and inspiring change

Yalda Yazdani by Rene Loeffler
Samin Ghorbani by Philipp Lojak
Kimia Bani


Chaired by Yalda Yazdani (Iran/Germany), Transmusikale e. V.
with Kimia Bani (Iran), artist; Samin Ghorbani (Iran/Germany), Transmusikale e. V.

The position of women in Iranian society is predominantly influenced by the country’s political discourse. Following the Revolution of 1979 there was a significant shift in the status of women in Iranian society, which also affected their role as musicians. The fundamentalist Islamic government that came into power deemed it illegal and inappropriate for women singers to perform solo in public spaces. As a result, the opportunities for women to record and perform music were distinct from those available to men. Many women, particularly singers, had to seek creative outlets in underground and illegal settings.

This session will primarily focus on the activities and strategies employed by female singers to overcome censorship in Iranian society. The panellists will also discuss the involvement and significant role of female singers in the recent social-political movement known as ‘Woman-Life-Freedom’.