Wednesday 21 October Showcase Session 18:30

First Screening

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Join us for the first night of WOMEX 20 Digital Edition Showcase Sessions!

Stage Left:
Kick off your evening with joyful sounds from Ghana and then take a trip up north, to the Tekfur Palace in Istanbul. Go on to explore the music of the Basque Country before you discover and dance to exciting sounds from New York with the following artists:

18:30 CEST Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy (Ghana)
18:54 CEST Coşkun Karademir Quartet (Turkey)
19:17 CEST Xabi Aburruzaga (Spain)
19:46 CEST Nickodemus (USA)

Stage Right:
After a day of conference sessions and films, blow off some steam with some Colombian Break Salsa, dive into endangered cultural heritages from Nepal, discover imaginary, post-traditional folk, South Saami language songs and travel back to the golden days of the Polish village wedding dance, reviving floor-filling foxtrots, tangos and polkas with:

18:40 CEST La Mambanegra (Colombia)
19:05 CEST Kutumba (Nepal)
19:29 CEST Širom (Slovenia)
19:49 CEST Marja Mortensson (Norway)
20:16 CEST Tęgie Chłopy (Poland)

Each Virtual Showcase will feature musical material followed by a short Q&A with the artists or artist representatives.

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