Where Words Fail, Music Speaks – Roots, Folk, and World Music in Rudolstadt

Where Words Fail, Foto by Rudolstadt Festival
Where Words Fail 2, Foto by Rudolstadt Festival


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Directed by Josephine Links
Duration 91' - German, English, Norwegian, Polish with English subtitles

Production Country and Year Germany,2016 - Produced by Petra Rottschalk, Uli Doberenz.

With more than 1,000 artists and about 100,000 visitors each year, every summer Rudolstadt Festival transforms an entire Thuringian city into one big unifying festival site. Beginning with the journeys of Sami musician Torgeir Vassvik, Polish singer Karolina Cicha, and multinational ensemble Eurasians Unity, Where Words Fail is the celebration of one of Europe's biggest folk and world music festivals.