WOMEX Education Network Meeting

Meeting place for all WOMEX delegates with interest in music education

Kristiina Ilmonen and Dan Somogyi
Kristiina Ilmonen by Jimmy Traskelin
Dan Somogyi


Coordinated by Kristiina Ilmonen (Finland),
Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department

and Dan Somogyi (UK), SoundStorm Music Education Agency /
Wave Arts Education Agency

The Education Network is an informal network designed to bring together all the WOMEX delegates who have an interest in education – at school, in their community or at higher education level. Offering education outreach is also an increasingly important option for touring artists, potentially making their offer more attractive to venues/promoters and offering a potential source of extra funding.

The Education Network is a genuine networking forum, where attendees can meet like-minded partners/organisations and sow the seeds of new projects. If you want to find other delegates interested in education, at all levels, this is the session for you. This years’ meeting will also introduce a newly established network for traditional music educators: FolkMusEd. It was born late 2018, after the conference Pedagogies, Practices and the Future of Folk Music in Higher Education was held in Scotland and Finland.