WOMEX Orientation for New Delegates

Make the best out of your attendance at WOMEX!

Alexander Walter
Charlie Crooijmans by Candy Kwon
Ana Rodríguez by Calavera Estudio

Chaired by Alexander Walter (Germany), Piranha Arts;

with Charlie Crooijmans (The Netherlands), Radio Wira Wiri;
Ana Rodríguez (Mexico), International Music Managers Forum / Relatable

Here is a special session created every year for all the new delegates attending WOMEX. This session will introduce you and guide you to make the best use of all the opportunities available over the event's five days. Alex Walter, director of WOMEX, along with 2021 jury member Charlie Crooijmans, will share their advice on navigating WOMEX: how to network at the Trade Fair; how to get the most out of the Conference; and how delegates can connect during and after the event with artists and other music professionals. They will also share tips on submitting Conference, Film, Showcase proposals and answer your questions.

If you're new to WOMEX, this session is a must!