Womxn and Gender Diversity in the MENA Music Industry

Exploring current practices, facing challenges and seeking solutions

Christina Hazboun by Abd Doumany
Olfa Arfaoui
Liliane Chlela
Aya Nabulsi

Chaired by Christina Hazboun (Palestine/UK), The Sonic Agent

with Olfa Arfaoui (Tunisia), La Fabrique Art Studio/FeMENA;
Liliane Chlela (Lebanon/Canada), musician, producer, sound artist & DJ;
Aya Nabulsi (Jordan), Al Balad Music Festival

In this session, we will be delving into the peculiarities and characteristics of local scenes in the MENA, namely Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Tunis. We will discuss how they have been evolving pre and post Arab Revolutions, what they have and need – breaking down the challenges, structures and infrastructures surrounding their local scenes, the industry, music and musicians. Why gender representation and equality, in reality, have grown so little and what obstacles do womxn face in the industry? We will seek new horizons to forge stronger bonds through music and networking and explore perfect scenarios for an inclusive, self-sufficient, sustainable, and independent collective.