Working for the Importance of Europe's Traditional Arts

The European Folk Network and its actions

Nod Knowles


Coordinated by Nod Knowles (UK), European Folk Network

The European Folk Network (EFN) is the first such membership organisation for Europe’s folk and traditional arts – with members from both the professional and amateur sectors. Formally established in 2019, it has grown rapidly, with now over 100 members from 27 countries. The network aims to create opportunities for artists, organisers and audiences from European countries to meet, communicate, collaborate, and advocate the importance of the arts of tradition.

This networking session is open to everyone interested and involved in traditional arts in Europe and to find out more about EFN, its work, and membership benefits. Come and help extend knowledge of the sector; raise awareness of EFN’s work and purpose; discover opportunities, contacts and potential collaborations; and broaden the network across the continent.