La Sonora Mazurén (Colombia)

La Sonora Mazurén (Colombia)


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  • country:Colombia
  • label:Barbès Records
  • type:Band
  • artist posted by:Piranha Arts

Line up

  • Diana Sanmiguel (percussion, vocals)
  • Ivan Medellin (accordion, keyboards, vocals)
  • Juan David Lacorazza ( electric guitar)
  • Luis Lizarralde (drums, timbales)
  • Miguel Rore ( percussion, vocals)
  • Nicolas Eckardt (bass)
  • Roberta Léone (percussion, vocals)


La Sonora Mazurén have grown out of Bogotá's ever-expanding alternative music scene, hotbed of multi-directional, neo-tropicalia, as championed by names such as the Meridian Brothers and Los Pirañas. Formed by accordionist and vintage keyboard manipulator Iván Medellín and bassist Nicolás Eckardt with guitarist Juan David Lacorazza and drummer Luis Lizarralde, the band has burgeoned into an incendiary septet, enlisting the percussion and vocal talent of Diana Sanmiguel from the trailblazing all-female Afro-Colombian combo, La Perla. The Sonora train has been gathering momentum, developing their unique sound – variously described as spacial-tropical, lysergic cumbia, psychedelic chicha or African fuzz – over countless live shows and a series of special one-sided vinyl singles. This year they released their first full studio album through Barbès Records, Bailando con Extraños, produced by Meridian Brothers mastermind, Eblis Alvarez.


La Sonora Mazurén (Colombia)