A Note From The WOMEX Film Curators

I Snuck Off the Slave Ship by Charles Autumn.

Welcome to 25 years of WOMEX.

We are thrilled to present 17 captivating documentaries with stories from across the world as part of the official WOMEX 19 Film Programme.

The Film Programme has been an integral part of the WOMEX experience for the last 17 years (17 years, 17 documentaries !!) as a rethinking of what a holistic, contemporary music expo experience should entail. We do hope this year’s programme inspires and provokes you - the bookers, curators, labels and publishers among others attending WOMEX to explore a variety of music, engage with established and emerging talent plus discover alternative programming opportunities across a breadth of backgrounds and nationalities.

This year's curation process has been a journey of questions on how film can bring forth relevant ideas to dialogue with the world of music, resulting in a sincere ambition to showcase film as an innovative and artistic extension of how we experience and perceive music, including the artists behind the sounds, their projects, transcultural collaborations and inspire reflection on the world we inhabit.

In today's globalized digital age, information is moving at the speed of light; bombarding our aural perception and continually challenging the way we discover and consume music. In times like this, much of underground independent global music is lost in the noise amidst technological, political, economic and social disruptions.

So how does one cut through the noise to discover and re-discover? Through this year’s programme, we bring forth audio-visual reflections of the sonic world, where music remains very much at the forefront in the films, encompassing the documenting and representation of societies, traditions and cultural landscapes. In bringing forth these insightful audio-visual reflections of the sonic world, we enter into a discourse: how can film evoke new musical narratives, conserve traditions and sustain memories?

The film selection is divided into three formats: market screenings are handpicked one-off screenings that push forth synergies between the film and music industries. The programme then expands into public screenings hosted by Arthouse Cinema Niagara in the old factory district of Tampere.

Last but definitely not the least the film library offers an extended selection of films that are accessible on demand during the expo at any day/time convenient to you.

Further extending our thoughts on this year's de facto film theme of preservation of music, its histories and interdisciplinary practices there will be a conference session entitled ’The Gift (or Curse) of Sound and Vision?’ where label, documentary and film festival professionals aim to start a dialogue about sustainable and grassroots music promotion and preservation through moving image. Click here for more information on this session.

WOMEX will host a “Meet the Filmmakers” reception on Friday, 25 October, 19:30 -20:30 at Café Kehräsaari, in Arthouse Cinema Niagara. We invite you all to use this time and space to meet with the attending filmmakers and continue to strengthen the conversation between the global music and film industry.

So go ahead – engage with the films, connect with the creators behind these sonic investigations that transcend generic narratives and take a cinematic journey towards offbeat vistas.

Luca Jacob & Sana Rizvi
WOMEX 19 Film Programme Curators

The WOMEX 19 Film rooms are:

Film Library
24 - 26 October 2019
10:00 - 18:00 Opus 1, Tampere Hall

* Please note, films in the library don't have a specific screening slot. Accredited delegates can use the film library to watch films at any time during the dates and times mentioned above.

Market Screenings
11:00 Small Auditorium, Tampere Hall
16:00 Maestro, Tampere Hall

Public Screening
18:30 Arthouse Cinema Niagara

article posted by:Francisco Gonçalves Silva, Piranha Arts