Ben Mandelson Receives Tampere Music Award

Ben Mendelson, Photo by Miikka Varila

We are thrilled to share, the recipient of the Tampere Music Award 2021 is our very own Ben Mandelson, record producer, musician and the founding director of WOMEX.

'"I am honoured to accept this Award, and I must also take it on behalf of the WOMEX team and the Community that WOMEX represents. I have heard it said that this world music community - a community blessed with the richest mixture of cultural and musical diversity - is a non-mainstream genre - marginal - a niche. But let me tell you that diversity is not a niche! it is an essential for all of us. Thank you for honouring that diversity!"

The Tampere Music Award for Exceptional Achievement in the Music Industry is a special recognition award, presented in collaboration with the City of Tampere to honour a person, a business, an organization or an idea that has greatly influenced the music industry. The award will be handed out at the Industry Awards Gala on 8 October 2021.

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts